Community Matters

At Cannon Kirk we strongly believe that we don’t just build homes, we build communities. Our involvement does not stop when construction ends either. Our Community Matters programme provides opportunities for Cannon Kirk homeowners to meet socially and sponsorship for groups looking to support their communities. In this way, we can help our residents fully realise the potential of our developments as great places to live.


Lighthouse Club

Builders are by and large can-do people, but the awful truth is that two construction workers commit suicide in the UK every day. Similarly, stress, anxiety, and depression now account for a fifth of all work-related illnesses.

Cannon Kirk is proud to be Annual Company Supporter of The Lighthouse Club. This fantastic charity offers critical assistance to construction workers encountering mental and physical problems, as well as financial grants for their families in times of crisis.

The Lighthouse Club’s latest outreach initiative, Help Inside the Hard Hat, draws attention to the huge range of pro-active support on offer, including a 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline, a free app and mental health training.

To find out about the great work The Lighthouse Club does, visit

Community Theatre

Storyteller Cannon Kirk The Library Presents

The arts enrich all our lives, especially those of children. To that end, Littleport residents have delighted in a series of summer theatre shows, held outdoors at Yeoman’s Field in the heart of the development.

Delivered in conjunction with The Library Presents, The Pocket Theatre have charmed and enchanted children of all ages with performances combining slapstick, magic, and the importance of stories.

2023 will mark the fourth year of the Cannon Kirk-sponsored programme, with Littleport families already wondering what The Pocket Theatre will treat them to next.

Caring for our local environment

Cannon Kirk respects our local environment. We are also always looking to support initiatives providing lasting social value. Imagine our delight then at hearing about a group that does both at once!

A Littleport-based community group brings together local children and families to make their shared environment that little bit better. Cannon Kirk has donated litter picking equipment to the group and aims to provide further support as their activities expand.


Sports team sponsorship

march town athletic fc

Sport is a great unifier, doubly so for youth sports. Cannon Kirk prides itself on investing in local communities through ongoing sports sponsorship programmes.

We were pleased to support March Town Athletic FC, acting as kit sponsor for all the age levels of the fast-growing youth team.

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